Ceramic Tile Access Panel - Beaded Frame, 1 Hour Fire Rated



Ceramic Tile Wall Access Panel, 1 Hour fire rated, Tile Door, Beaded Frame, Budget Lock, Single Door Unit, Powder Coated RAL 9010 30% Gloss, the 1st dimension stated is the hinge side.

This panel has a Fire Test Certificate up to 1800x600mm in a Wall application covered by Fire Certificate Number FG7586 Anything above these sizes will be manufactured to the same construction as tested.

Tiled Face
1 Hour Fire Rated
Beaded Frame


Minimum Size - 150x150mm

Maximum Size - 1800x0600

Standard Lock
3 Way Lock
5MB 5mm Bit
IP65 KeyRetaining Lock
CTL Castellated Key Lock
SL Suited Key Lock
EP 3 Point Euro Lock
Chrome Handle
Lockable Chrome Handle

FlipFix, the correct way to install an Access Panel

There is no longer the need to brace or support the structural opening, and no extra screws or glue required. The FLIPFIX Access Panels come a unique Fitting Device making it 5 times quicker to fit compared to a traditional panel saving you 80% on fitting costs, just cut, flip and fix!

New Patented Flush Lock
Fire rated for up to 2 hours
Easy & Fast Guided Installation