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FlipFix Access Panels

Streamline installation, and elevate the aesthetics of your projects with the FlipFix range of access panels.

No extra materials needed.
Suitable for boards between 8-32mm deep.

Say goodbye to missing bungs.

Prevent unsightly lock holes ruining a room's aesthetics.

Flush lock. That's better.

Prevent lock holes from ruining a room's aesthetics.

Mitreless frame. Sleek aesthetics.

Made from one piece of metal improving panel strength and appearance.

See how much you could save.

Calculate the savings in labour costs for your business.

Fitting Competition

We had a stall at FS Trade Open Day where we invited members of the trade and public to install some FlipFix panels.

The quickest time was 30.69 seconds, with all competitors installing two FlipFix panels in under 60 seconds.

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Full Product Brochure

Fitting Guide

O&M Manual

FlipFix Metal

FlipFix Plasterboard

FlipFix Tile

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