How an EziFit hinge can benefit you

27th July 2022

When it comes to installing any type of door, it is common to think of construction workers struggling with screws, power tools and screwdrivers. It’s easy to imagine two workers lifting a heavy riser door, with one fixing the door in place, and the other holding it steady for their colleague. The EziFit Hinge System removes all the stress of traditional hinges, allowing for quick and easy removal of access doors from their frames.

How do traditional hinges work?

Hinges are a very versatile mechanism, which can be found on an assortment of different items, such as kitchen cabinets, gates to the entrances of estates or gardens, doors, windows and, of course, access panels.

The most common form of hinge that comes with Exitile access panels have been screw and threaded rivet hinges. Threaded rivet hinges are one-piece, threaded tubular rivets that have the capacity to be attached entirely to one side of the panel.

How does an EziFit Hinge work?

On a traditional access panel, it would be expected to see two hinge slots on the inside of the door. However, with an EziFit Hinge system, the panel door comes with an ‘L’ shaped slot in place of the metal hinges.

On a traditional riser door you would typically see a piano hinge running the length of the door, that would require 2 personal to install, on an EziFit door you would see 2 spring loaded hinges that fit into two locating holes in the frame, these locating holes have the spacers required to keep the door centered pre-installed.

For single riser doors, there is a maximum size restriction of up to 2400x900 on EziFit hinges, and for double doors, this restriction sits at a maximum size of 24000x1800.

Installing an EziFit Hinge

The beauty of the design of the EziFit hinge is that it allows for doors to be easily fitted into the frame with maximum ease and safety. When it comes to securing the door into place, instead of spending time and effort aligning a piano hinge, the EziFit system allows for whoever is installing the door to insert the lower spring-loaded hinge into the lower locating hole and then slide the top hinge into place, allowing the spring mechanism to self-locate into the top locating hole. Once the hinge has hit the right area, the person installing will hear a click as it slots into place.

Benefits of an EziFit Hinge


Costs can be a large factor when choosing the type of riser door for a project, which is why another huge benefit of choosing an EziFit product as opposed to one with a traditional hinge, is that the hinge system can save up to half an hour on fitting times. Where it would usually take at least two people to install a door with a traditional hinge, an EziFit hinge should only require one person for installation.

Smoke, Fire and Air-tight ratings

Any metal or plasterboard faced wall and ceiling panels that have the option for an EziFit hinge are eligible for a plethora of different ratings, including smoke and air-tight ratings. The panels can also receive up to a 2-hour fire-rated certification from both sides. There is also the potential for access doors using the EziFit system to receive up to a 36 decibel acoustic rating.

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