What is the difference between a frame and a beaded frame – which is right for me?

18th June 2022

At Exitile, we offer multiple types of frames for our access panels; two of which are beaded frames and picture frames. The two types of frames both serve different purposes when paired with the different access panel types that we offer.

Picture frames

This is a visible surround that sits on top of the wall and cover the wall opening the access panel has been installed into.  Picture frames can be adapted and changed into various sizes to best suit the design and/or building requirements of your project. That being said, modifications that reduce the size of the picture frame will result in a void fire test rating. This type of framing is most commonly seen on walls or ceilings that have been plastered and leave a visible surround to the panel.  

Picture frames with metal faced access panels

Pairing a metal faced access panel with a picture frame is best suited to projects that require access panels to be retro fitted, or fitted to walls that have already been plastered. The frame will be visible once it has been installed.

At Exitile, any of the products in our range are available with a picture frame, although we do advise against a picture frame on certain ranges, like plasterboard doors for example.

Beaded frames

Beaded frames are available across our entire product range, to give any product a seamless and hidden frame. This type of frame is designed to be installed on unfinished walls or ceilings and then have whatever type of wall finish you are using, whether it be plaster or tiles or something else, to be applied over the top completely hiding the frame within the wall or ceiling.

Beaded frame access panels

Pairing a metal faced access panel with a beaded frame is a great cost-effective way to improve the finish of the installed product.

As mentioned previously we offer a beaded frame on any product in our range, this comes as standard on our plasterboard and tile faced door options.

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