Why Choose a FlipFix Access Panel?

20th April 2022

In many homes and commercial buildings, access panels make up an essential part of the construction, allowing quick and easy access to essential utilities while also hiding them from sight and offering protection in case of fire.

However, installing these panels correctly, especially to offer fire and/or noise protection can be tricky and time-consuming, with the precise measuring and cutting of holes, and the need to batten out the aperture before installing the panel itself.

Designed as the UK’s easiest-to-install access panel, FlipFix tackles this problem head-on with a patented fitting device designed to save you ease, time, and money when installing access panels to walls and ceilings. Just because something is easy doesn’t mean it’s not effective. At Exitile we believe the best things can be both!

What is FlipFix?

Each FlipFix panel comes with a template that you can use to cut a hole in your wall or ceiling and insert the panel perfectly. The dimensions of this pop-out template are generally calculated by adding 5mm to the panel size. While this can be calculated, measured, and marked on your own, using the template removes the sometimes-lengthy measuring and marking (and remeasuring and remarking) process. With FlipFix there’s no danger of accidentally cutting a hole too large or small. Exactly what you need is cut out the first time, giving a smooth finish with no additional touching up needed.

Easy Installation

Once inserted into the hole, the device’s innovative clamp design makes installation easier than ever; the specialist screw clamps work together with the plasterboard to attach the panel, giving you a high-quality access solution that will continue to deliver for years to come.

This simple process saves up to 80% of regular installation time, making it especially useful for at-home DIY as well as larger construction projects that need potentially hundreds of panels installed throughout a site.

As well as installation ease, the external panel facing has been meticulously developed to support the highest degree of performance possible. No joins or hardware are displayed from the outside, aside from the Flush Lock system, which gives your panel a discreet, professional appearance by blending with the surface of the panel for an almost invisible look. The mitreless picture frame also compliments this design, with the style preventing snags and shape warping, essential to ensuring long-term use.

As well as this picture-frame range, we also have a selection of beaded frame, plasterboard, and tile-door access panels available with the very same easy installation process. However, due to the need for post-installation plastering and other such skills, they are more suitable for fitting by tradespeople or those skilled in DIY, whereas our picture-frame panels are easily installed by anybody.

Exitile are world leading suppliers and distributors of market-leading access panels and riser doors, including the FlipFix range. For more information about what we do, and how FlipFix panels may be the right solution for your latest project, get in touch with our team today. Call us on +44 (0) 24 7635 2771, email us at [email protected], or get in touch directly via our online enquiry form.

FlipFix, the correct way to install an Access Panel

There is no longer the need to brace or support the structural opening, and no extra screws or glue required. The FLIPFIX Access Panels come a unique Fitting Device making it 5 times quicker to fit compared to a traditional panel saving you 80% on fitting costs, just cut, flip and fix!

New Patented Flush Lock
Fire rated for up to 2 hours
Easy & Fast Guided Installation