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What is FlipFix?

See how companies like Graham's are saving hundreds in labour time

FlipFix is a cutting-edge access panel solution renowned for its rapid and efficient installation, making it the fastest fitting access panel on the market.
The Problem
The Solution

Say goodbye to unappealing, exposed lock holes.

Say hello to the flush lock.

The FlipFix Fitting Device

Continuing professional development.

Hours per year: 35

3 biggest things:
- experience of the sales representative: the person presenting the CPD is the person who made it.

- advertise that we can do this in person, at their offices. 
- lunch and learn - shout about that.

Brief summary:
- greg will send

Request Form:
- Where
- When
- In person? Virtual? Mixed?
- Address
- Time
- Number of Attendees
- Practices contact number/office contact number
- Email

RIBA Approved CPD Presentation

Galvanising and Best Practice

Galvanising and Best Practice

FlipFix Benefits

Request a CPD

RIBA Approved

Make the practice location only show if presentation type is In Person or Mixed.

Presentation Overview

"I put together this course to give architects a better understanding of our industry."
Greg Davies
Sales Director
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