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Let's take a look back to our roots and see how it all started.

Exitile Access

Leading supplier of access panels and riser doors.

"Our aim is to provide our clients with an exceptional service, value for money, efficiency, and effectiveness - all of the time, every time"
Sam Marvin
Managing Director

Manufacturing & EziFit Launch

Exitile have a long, rich history in the manufacture of a wide range of market leading access panels and riser doors to suit all types of ceiling and wall systems. 

In 2009, we released the EziFit hinge to replace the traditional piano hinge you come to expect with panels and doors. EziFit is an ‘L’ shaped slot which allows you to easily slide the door into the correct position. 

This improved installation times for riser doors by as much as 95%, and reduced the required manpower by half.

Securing a FlipFix Licence

In 2014 we were fortunate to secure a licence to manufacture the worlds most advanced access panel on the market: FlipFix. 

FlipFix Access Panels come with mitreless frames, a flush lock system and a unique fitting device which makes installation up-to 5 times quicker when compared with a traditional metal access panel.

Simply the best looking and easiest to install access panel in the world!

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With the launch of the new Exitile app, we've updated our privacy policy to reflect how your information is stored and processed while using our app and website.