Why choose FlipFix?

Patented Flush Lock
Fire Rated up to 2 Hours
Quick and Easy Installation
Available in 1 & 2 Hour Fire Rating
Now with new Seamless Picture Frame
Now with new Patented Flush Lock.


Metal Door Dual Purpose

There is no longer the need to brace or support the structural opening, and no extra screws or glue required. The FLIPFIX Access Panels come a unique Fitting Device making it 5 times quicker to fit compared to a traditional panel saving you 80% on fitting costs, just cut, flip and fix! 

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EZIFIT Hinge System
Available 2 Hour Fire Rated From Both Sides
Smoke Tested

EX51 (EziFit)

Riser Door

The EziFit sliding hinge system allows the quick and easy removal of the Access Panel door from the frame. This allows the frame to be fitted into the structural opening easily and safely.

The Access Panel door can then be replaced into the frame by aligning the hinge pins and clicking them into place.

This panel has been tested and can save you up to 30 Minutes per panel on fitting times when compared with an 1800 x 600mm EziFit and a traditional Access Panel.

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