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Riverside House, Guildford

Student Accommodation

"When partnering with suppliers we focus on the ultimate resident experience.

Everything we do in our buildings needs to demonstrate quality and luxury.

Everything matters and it is this attention to detail that comes through Exitile’s work"

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Antonio Lopez

Unilife Managing Director

Riverside House was designed by award winning architects Flanagan Lawrence with minimalism in mind. With the utilisation of Stelling Properties' modular building solutions, the project was completed from start-to-finish in just 9 months with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.


End-to-end project management and installation with modular building principles.

Project Overview


Flanagan Lawrence


Student Accommodation





Modular Building

The project was built on behalf of Unilife and will provide 100 upscale self-contained student studio apartments in close proximity to Surrey University.

Advancements in modular building techniques are revolutionising the industry, potentially eliminating the need for on-site assembly and construction in the near future.

Stelling Properties has streamlined the entire development process by dividing it into stages and establishing a production-line like setting, enabling seamless transfer of each module between different in-house teams until its completion.

By constructing the modules off-site, the project benefits from significantly increased efficiency, as external factors such as adverse weather conditions no longer pose delays. This approach ensures tighter cost control and instills greater confidence in meeting project deadlines.

Each stage is managed independently, adhering to rigorous quality standards. Any necessary adjustments can be promptly addressed on-site, guaranteeing that the finished module successfully passes all final inspections.

Creating Connections

Communal areas serve as the beating heart of every student accommodation, buzzing with energy and providing a hub for social interaction and collaboration. Whether it's a spacious lounge, a well-equipped kitchen, or a lively common room, these spaces offer a welcoming environment where residents can come together, share ideas, and build meaningful relationships.

From impromptu study groups to late-night conversations over a cup of coffee, these areas become the backdrop for countless connections that extend far beyond the walls of the accommodation.

Splash of Colour

Welcome to a vibrant world where every floor tells a unique story. This innovative approach transforms the living experience for students, fosters a sense of identity, and creates an inspiring environment for growth and learning.

Project Requirements

Stelling Properties approached us in 2021 regarding a series of riser doors. After receiving their initial enquiry, we proactively engaged in meaningful discussions placing great emphasis on finding cost-effective solutions.

As we discovered that their initial requested size was only 70mm larger than our budget-friendly EX57 range, we worked closely with Stelling's team to explore possibilities for reducing the structural opening by 70mm. This resulted in a cost-effective alternative that perfectly aligned with their project requirements and upheld the high quality associated with our products.

Our EX57 range of riser doors boasts a remarkable 33dB acoustic rating, effectively minimising noise transfer between different areas of the building. This ensures that students can focus and concentrate without distractions, enhancing their ability to absorb information and excel in their studies.

Other benefits include a 2 hour fire rating, smoke and airtight test. 

Door signage is usually installed as part of the manufacturing process, but the client wanted to install these themselves.

This is why riser doors with the EziFit technology were a must have for Riverside House. Say goodbye to time consuming door installations and welcome the effortless efficiency of the EziFit Hinge. 

This revolutionary game changer from Exitile redefines the way riser doors are fitted, offering an astounding 95% reduction in installation time. 
With the EziFit Hinge, you’ll experience the seamless integration of cutting edge technology and unparalleled convenience, making it the go-to choice for architects and contractors. 

Embrace the future of door installations with the EziFit Hinge and unlock a whole new level of productivity and performance.

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