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High Street, Southampton

Student Accommodation

"When partnering with suppliers we focus on the ultimate resident experience.

Everything we do in our buildings needs to demonstrate quality and luxury.

Everything matters and it is this attention to detail that comes through Exitile’s work"

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An exciting transformation is underway in the bustling heart of Southampton as a significant mixed-use development takes shape.

Stelling Properties' student accommodation project, developed in collaboration with Unilife, employs modular building practices for swift project progress and to minimise disruption to city life.


End-to-end project management and installation with modular building principles.

Project Overview


OWAL Architects


Student Accommodation




In Progress

Modular Building

Advancements in modular building techniques are revolutionising the industry, potentially eliminating the need for on-site assembly and construction in the near future.

Stelling Properties has streamlined the entire development process by dividing it into stages and establishing a production-line like setting, enabling seamless transfer of each module between different in-house teams until its completion.

By constructing the modules off-site, the project benefits from significantly increased efficiency, as external factors such as adverse weather conditions no longer pose delays. This approach ensures tighter cost control and instills greater confidence in meeting project deadlines.

Each stage is managed independently, adhering to rigorous quality standards. Any necessary adjustments can be promptly addressed on-site, guaranteeing that the finished module successfully passes all final inspections.

Sense of Community

As the universities of Southampton continue to attract students from far and wide, demand for quality student accommodation has never been higher. Recognising the importance of creating a supportive and engaging environment to live and thrive, Unilife Southampton provides over 95 luxury, self-contained studio apartments with communal amenities span across 5 storeys.

Project Requirements

Having collaborated with Stelling Properties on a previous project (see: Riverside House, Guildford), their team recognised the significance of minimising expenses by using our standard (EX57) riser door collection, with a focus on door sizes below 1900 x 650mm.

While we successfully managed to keep door sizes below this threshold in Riverside House, it proved challenging to achieve the same outcome throughout this project. Consequently, we also provided our (EX51) premium riser door range to ensure comprehensive compliance with all project specifications and test certifications.


Other benefits include a 2 hour fire rating, smoke and airtight test on both the EX57 and EX51 ranges.

Door signage is usually installed as part of the manufacturing process, but the client wanted to install these themselves.

This is why riser doors with the EziFit technology were a must have on the High Street Southampton project. Say goodbye to time consuming door installations and welcome the effortless efficiency of the EziFit Hinge. 

This revolutionary game changer from Exitile redefines the way riser doors are fitted, offering an astounding 95% reduction in installation time. 
With the EziFit Hinge, you’ll experience the seamless integration of cutting edge technology and unparalleled convenience, making it the go-to choice for architects and contractors. 

Embrace the future of door installations with the EziFit Hinge and unlock a whole new level of productivity and performance.

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